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Who can Buy a Paysafe card in Canada?

PaySafeCards can be obtained from any of the many retail establishments they collaborate with (from now on, “Distribution Outlets”). You can use the website to locate storefronts where you can make a purchase and get directions there. A buyer must be at least 18 years old to purchase a classic Paysafecard. Paysafecards can only be purchased at locations designated as Distribution Outlets and for the amount displayed on the card itself (“Value”). At any given Distribution Outlet, the maximum number of Paysafecard purchases in a single transaction is ten. Each Paysafecard comes with its identification number (PIN) (“PIN”).
Whenever you purchase a Paysafecard from a Distribution Outlet, you will be given a paper voucher that contains your identification number (PIN). If the Distribution Outlet is an online store, you need to print out the PIN that you sent to you electronically. If the Distribution Outlet is a physical store, you do not need to print out the PIN. We have decided to enter into a contract with you that will last for an unspecified amount of time. Because of various technical considerations, the expiration date on your Paysafecard might be printed on it. Despite this, the terms of the contract will continue to be adhered to in precisely the same manner as before.

🎲 Number of games 210+
🎰 Number of Casinos 20+
💰 Max Bonus Up to C$2000 + 200 FS
👍 Deposit Alternatives Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe
💸 Minimum Deposit C$1
🚀 Website

What is Paysafecard?

The prepaid online payment method known as Paysafe card (as a brand stylized in lowercase) is based on vouchers that each contain a 16-digit unique identification number. This method is independent of a user’s bank account, credit card, or any other personal information; instead, it is used to pay for online purchases (PIN). Customers can purchase Paysafecard online Canada vouchers at retail locations near them, and then use those vouchers to make online payments by entering the associated code during the checkout process on the relevant website. Coupons can be purchased at local retail locations if they are available (e. g. an online game). There is no way to send Paysafecard codes over the phone or through the mail because this functionality is not available.
Paysafecards are issued and distributed on a country-by-country basis; however, it is possible to use them in a number of different countries and currencies as long as certain parameters are met. The variety of services offered and the number of online stores that we partner with varies from country to country. Customers can upload their PINs to a personal account known as my Paysafecard, which is accessible to them in the majority of countries around the world. Paysafecard was initially released in the year 2000 in Austria, and as of the year 2018, it is now accepted in over 40 countries worldwide. Paysafecard has recently completed the acquisition of two companies that were previously considered to be its competitors: the Dutch Wallie and the British Ukash. In 2013, the British company Skrill, which is in the business of providing digital wallets, acquired Paysafecard. Skrill was acquired by Optimal Payments Group in 2015, making it a part of the Skrill Group. Optimal Payments Group is a global company that processes online payments and is regulated in the United Kingdom. After that, Optimal Payments was rebranded as Paysafe Group, and Optimal Payments was dropped from the name entirely.

PaysafeCard Membership

Paysafecard is a payment option that is trusted for its safety and reliability. When you use it to make payments, you won’t be required to reveal any sensitive information, such as your data or bank card details. You have nothing to worry about so long as your Paysafecard personal identification number is kept a secret.
During the first year of membership, Paysafecard provides its customers with no fee. This means that during your first year as a customer of Paysafecard, you will not be required to pay any service fee on any credit balance you carry over to a vip casino online or any other platform. This membership is managed under the name “my Paysafecard,” previously mentioned.
There are two distinct account models, each of which provides its users with unique benefits. You are no longer required to enter a 16-digit PIN when playing in a casino, and the registration process is entirely free. A user’s login name and password are all needed for payment.
The “my Paysafecard” account models are the ones being discussed here. You will be required to upload a photo ID to verify your personal information and identity when using the Standard mode. You can use the video telephony procedure to complete this step and achieve Unlimited Status. In addition, you have access to higher limits if you have an Unlimited Status account.

My Paysafecard

My Paysafecard, the online payments account provided by Paysafecard, a European prepaid online payment solutions provider, now has access to my PLUS, the company’s new loyalty program, which will provide its loyal customers with rewards and special offers. Paysafecard is a provider of online payment solutions for prepaid online payments.
Every time a payment is made, My PLUS points are accumulated, and those points can later be redeemed for rewards such as attractive offers from several well-known online retailers. There are currently 24 countries that acknowledge my Paysafecard, including Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.
Your daily PLUS point total can be increased by subscribing to the newsletter or making a single payment using your online payments account. The comments and suggestions informed improvements to the new online loyalty program for more than 5,000 of my Paysafecard customers.

Paysafe Mastercard

A Paysafecard Mastercard is a physical prepaid credit card with a design comparable to that of traditional bank cards. This is an excellent choice if you want a prepaid credit card that can be utilized in physical stores and on the internet. If you have a Mastercard that is linked to your Paysafecard account, you will have the ability to make purchases on websites that are not Paysafecard partners.
Is there anything that could go wrong with doing this? Even though this is not the case, you should be aware that Paysafecard Mastercard levies an annual maintenance fee in addition to other, smaller fees whenever you add funds to your card, make a purchase using a currency that is not your own, or withdraws cash from an automated teller machine.
To order your Paysafecard Mastercard, all that is required is for you to create a My Paysafecard account and then follow the instructions displayed on the page. You can load more money onto your Paysafecard Mastercard by purchasing a Paysafecard, which can be done in a matter of seconds when done online. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to explore the finest Mastercard casino accessible to Canadians.

Security and Anonymity of Paysafecard Payments

Paying securely online is a topic that is currently at the forefront and is of utmost importance, and Paysafecard online Canada is actively involved in this particular industry. Within Paysafecard, there is a specialized department that is dedicated to identifying and eliminating potential threats proactively. This department works nonstop.
Paysafecard is an exceptionally secure method of payment that enables users to pay for online entertainment without disclosing sensitive personal information, bank account details, or credit card information. Users can pay for online entertainment with Paysafecard without revealing this information. Paysafecard users have complete spending control, in addition to many other benefits, including the following: For instance, if you lose your Paysafecard, you will only be responsible for replacing the value on it. There is simply no way to link it to a credit card or bank account at this point.

Paysafecard is among the most prominent and widely used electronic currency issuers in the entire world. Through the use of Paysafecard, millions of customers can make safe and straightforward online payments. If an online store or a casino, such as no verification casinos Canada, wants to accept Paysafecard as a form of payment, it must first satisfy the requirements set forth. Paysafecard conducts a comprehensive review of each online store to ensure that it complies with publicly available and internal company guidelines. Paysafecard works closely with the relevant authorities and consumer protection agencies in each country to ensure that its customers are protected on an ongoing basis. An e-money license is granted by the British Financial Conduct Authority, which is responsible for the issuance of Paysafecard. The banking supervisory authority has jurisdiction over Paysafecard because it is an e-money institution. As part of its supervisory function, the banking supervisory authority also checks compliance with regulations pertaining to money laundering. Paysafecard’s internal auditing procedures comply with the applicable legal requirements imposed on payment service providers, and they are in sync with the requirements outlined in the e-money license’s specifications and conditions.

Payouts with Paysafecard

  • On the website of the customer’s business partner (the merchant), the customer submits a request to have his balance transferred to the Paysafecard account of the customer.
  • Real-time verification is performed on the payout request using the Paysafecard system (no money is transferred).
  • Paysafecard is responsible for verifying the request (can the payout occur, does the customer exist, etc..)

The payout request is placed in the back-office queue to be manually approved at a later time by the merchant.

  • The customer is informed that their request has been accepted and will receive their payout as soon as it is processed (or is refused because the validation failed).
  • Manually approving the payout request from the queue is the responsibility of the back-office employee at the business partner.
  • The worker verifies the amount of the payout (or rejects it).
  • The business partner will carry out the payout.
  • The customer receives the money that was loaded onto their Paysafecard.

Paysafecard Alternatives

It is not possible to use the payment system in every country. In addition, you may not wish to go to a physical store to transfer money to your online casino account. Is it possible that the online casino site where you have an account does not accept this kind of payment? The good news is that there are options available, but there are so many to pick from that it can be challenging to know where to start. Visa Cards – Visa cards are the most convenient payment method and are used the most frequently; however, they also carry the highest risk. The reason for this is that they are directly linked to bank accounts. If you wish to stick with prepaid cards, then MasterCards are an excellent option for you, as the majority of casino websites do accept them.



Skrill is a provider of digital wallets founded in 2001 and offers various services for making online payments and sending and receiving money. Since its inception, Skrill has grown to become operational in over 120 countries, and the company’s digital wallet is currently available in 40 different currencies.


Neteller is an electronic money transfer service that facilitates the sending and receiving of financial transactions between businesses, such as those involved in currency trading and social networking. Using the Net+ card, it is possible to withdraw funds directly, or it can transfer the balance to their bank accounts.


ecoPayz is a global payment solutions provider that offers instant, secure, and convenient payment services to clients and companies worldwide. With over a decade and a half of industry experience, we take great pride in the continually developing payment products we offer.


An electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders, PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American multinational financial technology company that operates an online payments system in the majority of countries that support online money transfers. The company, for which it charges a fee, acts as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites, and a great number of other commercial users.


You can make purchases with retailers on-site, transfer or send money, and keep track of rewards programmes if you use an electronic wallet, which is a secure app or online platform for managing money that allows you to do all of these things. You have the option of linking your electronic wallet to your bank account or using the prepay feature to pay for purchases as you go.

Benefits of Paysafecard

You can use Paysafecard to make the following types of online payments anywhere that it is accepted:

  • You will either use a 16-digit number or log in with your username and password, but no other financial or credit card information will be required.

  • When you use a prepaid card, you eliminate the possibility of overspending. You are only able to use the funds that are currently stored on your card.

  • It will be straightforward to find an outlet to purchase such a voucher because there are over 650,000 sales outlets available all over the world.

  • You will be able to use Paysafecard at thousands of online stores. This is a beneficial deposit method for gamblers.

Disadvantages of Paysafecard

  • When purchasing paysafe voucher Canada, cash is the only acceptable form of payment.

  • To avoid being a victim of fraud, it is recommended that vouchers be bought from reputable stores located on land or from sellers operating online.

  • It’s possible that you can’t use it as a withdrawal method. Buy Paysafe voucher online Canada from the correct website to avoid scam.


1️⃣ Do all casinos accept Pay safe card Canada online?
Very few reputable online casinos do not recognize Paysafe casinos Canada as a valid method of making deposits. As a matter of fact, because of the safety and convenience it offers, it is one of the methods utilized most frequently to add funds. Select Casinos that accept Paysafecard Canada 2022 for the best gaming experience.
2️⃣ Are there any Paysafecard limits?
Paysafecard prepaid codes are printed on physical cards that can be purchased from any of the more than 650,000 retail locations located worldwide. You will get a 16-digit code after purchasing a card with one of several different monetary values. The maximum amount to be spent in a single payment is $300.
3️⃣ Are There Any Fees Charged at Paysafecard casinos?
There are no charges on the transactions done with Paysafe. Buy Paysafecard online Canada and get the Paysafe voucher to enjoy the best service free of cost.
4️⃣ Are Paysafecard Deposits Instant?
The customer’s Paysafe Canada account will have the withdrawn funds instantly credited to it as soon as the operator completes the withdrawal process. The transactions are completed in real-time at online casino Paysafe card Canada.
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