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How Does Phone Gambling Work?

You may have heard of the terms pay by phone casinos, pay per call and phone payment methods, but you don't know what they mean. Here is a proper description of what they're about.

  • What Is Pay by Phone Casinos: Phone bill casino are casinos that allow their customers to pay for their service through their mobile phones. This method is becoming popular in Canada and the world because it's easy to use and user-friendly. You do not need any physical cash in such places. One does not need to worry about the stress of carrying cash around because you already have all you need in your hand-held device.
  • What Is Pay Per Call: These websites have become very popular in recent years due to how everyone uses their phones for most transactions. You deposit by phone by paying monthly or using the credit with phone bill. It is very safe to use because bank details are not used. You can also monitor how much you spend on online casinos.
    It allows you to pay with credit as far as your phone subscription is enough, so your payments are removed from your prepaid phone subscription or are accumulated and sent to you monthly. Most online casinos in Canada offer this payment method to people. This takes off the stress of using other former payment methods.
  • What Is Phone Payment Method: Phone payment lets you deposit and withdraw money from your phone. You can easily access and play any of your best games through your phone anytime, anywhere. A lot of casinos offer different phone payment methods, so it depends on the particular one you use. They could have methods such as the call the casino method, SMS deposit, pay by phone method, etc. Below are a few examples of the best pay-by-phone options available and their explanations.
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Call the Casino Method

This is one of the best payment options offered by phone bill casinos. You can deposit by the network provider on the internet. The mobile-network providers charge the costs to you every month. It allows you to keep track of all your payments through an automatic process. Here is an explanation of how it works:
You call a specific 0900 or 0909 number, indicate whether you want to pay per call or per minute and then state the unique access code of the slot pay by the machine you want to play on. The amount of C$ 0.80 – C$ 1.30 or C$ 1.40 per minute or the fixed rate per call will be debited from your telephone account and immediately credited to your gaming account. This 0900 number has a fixed rate that you have clicked in advance. For example, 10 C$. It usually concerns small amounts. You will see a code on your screen. A computer voice asks for the code over the phone. You fill this in and close with a hash. Then you will see that the connection is lost, and your screen changes. Payment has been received, and you can start playing.
You will see the amount you paid via the 0900 number on your telephone bill at the end of the month. You will see a special header with 0900 numbers on your telephone bill. Behind this, you see the amount per number that you have called. So you see 10 C$ here if you have paid 10 C$, for example. The telephone company collects the amount at the beginning of the new month. So, you get a higher telephone bill.

How Does Pay by Phone Works

SMS Deposit

This is one of the latest casino payment options you can find. It is very simple and quick to use. It is safe because your bank details will be completely safe when using this method, and no unauthorized person can view your information. It has only two problems associated with it: since it is new, most people do not know how to use it, and not all casinos have this payment option for the same reason. However, if you can find any casino in Canada that has this method, then here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it without problems.

  1. Go to the banking page of your online casino.
  2. Choose a payment method by mobile casino.
  3. Enter the amount to be deposited via the telephone bill (usually up to a maximum of C$ 30).
  4. Enter your mobile number.
  5. Receive a verification code as an SMS.
  6. Send the code to a specified number as a premium message.
  7. Receive an SMS with the confirmation of billing information (with some methods).

Pay by Phone Method

Another payment method that is convenient and f is the pay by phone method. Casino deposits with phone are made through your phone bill by transferring it directly to your online casino deposit account or bill deposit casinos account. Your bank account is not involved in this process, so your safety is 100% guaranteed. Here’s how it works:
You can also make a deposit in some casinos, just like with all other payment options. You choose 'deposit', enter the amount you want to deposit and then choose the payment method 'telephone'. You enter your phone number and then receive a verification code by text message. When you enter this code on your screen, the deposit is complete, and the money will be debited from your telephone bill.

Pay Via Paysafecard with Your Phone

You can think of the Paysafecard as a digital card you receive in your email. This allows people to make safe and quick payments virtually by bill casino in Canada. Therefore, this card has a code with which you can deposit and withdraw in the online casino. The main advantage of the Paysafecard casinos is that you can pay for it with your phone. For this, you can either call a number or send an SMS. For example, you can pay a card with a credit of C$ 10, C$ 20, C$ 50 or C$ 100 with your telephone bill. You will then receive the Paysafecard in your email containing the code you can enter for a deposit in an online casino. You then choose the Paysafecard payment method. The amount you choose will then be debited from your digital card. You can use the remaining amount later to make another deposit or to pay elsewhere with your Paysafecard.

Advantages of Deposit with Phone Payments

Phone payment deposits have several advantages. Note that this does not mean other methods are bad. Some of the advantages of phone credit casino and online casino mobile payment deposits are:

  • Safer Transactions. Safety is one of the major advantages of mobile casino pay payments at online casinos. Casino websites need to be very safe at all levels. Online casinos are usually well-protected because online money transactions can be delicate via phone bills. The next thing you should look out for after a gambling license is the casino’s safety measures. A good casino should have mobile banking services for safe payments. Mobile payment apps are safe because you’ll never need to hand over your banking details to the casino. It means you don’t have to worry about someone revealing your personal or bank information.

  • More Convenience. Generally, online casinos are more convenient than land casinos. This helps to improve the customer experience. It gets better if the online casino can pay by phone bill. Some countries have strict banking laws, so you may be unable to use any other payment methods. Phone payments prevent such limitations. This means you can enjoy casino games from wherever you are without payment hassles. All you need to do is pick a bank and open an account. Connect your casino account with that bank account and the mobile payment service. The mobile app will serve as the middleman in the transaction.

  • Faster and Easier Transactions. Mobile payment services offer fast transactions, a feature also prominent in fast payout casinos in Canada. Other payment methods, such as credit card payments, take longer to process. In most cases, credit card payments may take up to 5 business days to complete. Mobile services allow you to complete a transaction in less than 5 minutes via phone bill. This means you can enjoy an easy transaction with more time to relax and enjoy your mobile casino games.

Disadvantages of Deposit Using Phone Payments

Deposits using phone payments are good but have some downsides. Some of the disadvantages include:

  • Transaction Limits. Some mobile payment services limit the amount you can deposit in a day. Others limit how many times you can complete a transaction in one day. This is a safety measure on their part but may not be favourable to you. This means if you want to play more, you'll have to wait a while before you can make another deposit.

  • Transaction Charges. Some mobile deposit services may ask you to pay a transaction fee. This charge is usually a small amount of money. The disadvantage is that although it does not seem much, paying little amounts every day will affect your account balance.

  • Inability to Withdraw. Casino phone payments move in one direction only. You can only pay deposits using mobile payment services that accept phone bill. You might have to look for another payment method to cash your winnings. If there are strict banking policies in this state, then you might begin to question the convenience of phone payments.

Paying for Games in a Casino by Phone

There are several payment services for mobile phones available. Every casino accepts the phone payment services that are best for them. This means that the service you use to play mobile casino games in one casino may differ from what you'll find in another. Before you start playing, check the payment service and be comfortable with it first. The most popular phone payment methods are E-wallets and cryptocurrencies.



PayPal and Skrill are popular E-wallets to fund your casino account, with Skrill casinos being a common choice among players. All you need to do is open an e-wallet account and fund it. Another way is by connecting the E-wallet to your bank account. Select the e-wallet you want to use, and follow the steps on the screen to deposit the money immediately.


To make payments, you need to have a mobile crypto wallet with crypto. All you need to do is log in to the mobile casino and find the casino's wallet address. When you confirm the address, open your wallet and phone and send them to your phone bill online. The money usually gets into your casino account within 10 minutes. Some phone bill casinos include: Spinz, Wheelz, Jackpot City, Caxino, etc.

Why You Need to Play at Telephone Payment Casino

The above benefits are good enough reasons to use phone payment casinos. There are other reasons why people use mobile payment services. Some of them include:

  • Payment By Mobile phones is available for people of all ages. This allows older players who are not strong enough to play in land casinos to enjoy casino games you can play. It saves them from stress as they do not have to walk into any bank or casino to make payments.
  • You can pay from anywhere. Imagine you have an account in a particular casino that accepts phone payments. This means you may not be able to play while you away. Mobile payments allow you to make payments from anywhere to play.
  • Mobile limits can save you from betting unreasonably. Players can get tempted to continue staking money when there are no restrictions in mobile casino games. The limit phone payments services place on daily casino mobile deposits will leave you no choice but to walk away.


1️⃣ Do all casinos accept Phone payments?
No, not all online casinos for mobile allow their users to pay with casino mobile billing. This is why you should look for an online casino that offers these several methods with phone payments inclusive.
2️⃣ How does the casino receive my deposit?
The casino will deduct the phone bill deposit from your mobile SIM card. Another way is by adding the amount to your monthly bill. This means you'll pay for all the casino mobile deposits upfront.
3️⃣ What is the maximum deposit limit with Phone payments in casinos?
Most Pays by phone casinos have a maximum limit of 30$ per deposit. Phone payment methods may not be ideal if you are a high roller.
4️⃣ Are There Any Fees Charged with depositing with pay by phone?
Not all phone payment services charge fees. Most casinos that add a few usually only charge a small fee of 10%. Remember to check the terms and conditions to avoid being caught unaware.
5️⃣ Are phone payment deposits instant?
Most times, deposits via phone casino are completed within minutes. This may depend on the service provider and other factors. The best part is that it never exceeds 24 hours to credit the account.
6️⃣ Can I withdraw my casino winnings with phone payments?
No, you cannot withdraw using phone payment services. This means after you make a mobile casino deposit with your mobile, you will have to look for another way to cash out your winnings.
7️⃣ Is it safe to play at pay-by-phone casinos?
Yes, it is. This is because you need to provide only your phone number, and the casino does not have access to your bank details. Although mobile payments are safer than other methods, it is only about 95% safe.
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