About Cad.casino

Welcome to Cad casino, the best place for gamblers. Thank to our help you will always get the best bonuses and promotions. For newbies, we have detailed guides on the complete process of choosing and playing at an online casino. For experts, we have something more. We have special bonuses and offers that are not available anywhere else. In a matter of minutes, you can learn all about online gambling, claim impressive bonuses and enjoy your winning in a safe and fair way. In a nutshell, we are here to help you more than anyone else, as you shall see below.

Our Mission & Our Review Criteria

Our mission is simple and straightforward. We are fully dedicated to helping new and professional online gamblers who want the ultimate bonuses, promotions and so much more. But, the whole process and our purpose are more complicated than that. It consists of several criteria or elements if you like. All of those will be explained below so you can understand our mission in detail and deduce why you should use our help. These can be the most important things for some players and we understand that. Let’s explain them right here and right now.

Collect & Review Bonuses

Our primary mission is to find the best online bonuses, offers, and promotions. No, these are not the same. We will test each one and we will reveal all the details and specifics. Why this is important? Now you can visit our site only and find all you want to know about the best promotions. Without our help, you would have to search online casinos for days and test each one in order to see the specifics. In simple terms, we are here to help you save money and effort. Yes, we are constantly monitoring the online gambling realm and look for new promotions you can benefit from.

Maximizing Safety & Better Gaming Experience

Online gambling is very appealing and can help you get the ultimate experience in no time. But it is only good if it is safe. That’s why our team will test all the casinos for safety and the use of related technologies. We will only recommend to you the safest casinos where you can have fun and win. Of course, with our help, you will be able to win and withdraw the winnings while keeping your data and information safe. This is another element of our mission and one we think is as important as it gets. Of course, all the casinos we will feature here are 100% safe and they were tested for this in detail.

Check Casinos Licensing

Always, we will check the licensing of a casino. It can come from one or multiple gambling authorities. This is important. Not only you will play safe and fair games but you also have rights you can use if needed. If you have any problem, you can file a complaint and the gambling commission will deal with the casino and resolve the issue. It is mandatory to say that you should always play games at licensed casinos, something we know and something we pay close attention to. If a casino has a license or two, it also means that they are a serious operator and they care about the safety provided to the gamblers.

Check Customer Support & Mobile Gaming

This element consists of two sub-factors. The first one is customer support. We always check for this at online casinos. In general, an online casino should offer live chat, email support, and telephone support. The more is the merrier and we will check all the options available. Gamblers have a lot of questions and in some cases, customer support can make a massive difference and provide help in a second. Mobile gambling is important these days and we know it. We always check the casinos for this feature and investigate it in detail. The goal is to be able to play at the online casinos using your phone or a tablet. Some casinos offer an app while others offer you a mobile-friendly design. We will always cover this in the review and help you understand the process.

Advise the Best Payment Options

We believe that payment methods at online casinos have huge importance. That’s why we will always check for supported ones and we will reveal specifics like which ones you can use, which ones you should use, deposit times, fees, and withdrawal times.
For most of you, withdrawal times are very important. We will reveal the withdrawal time, and fees if present and also recommend to you which method is the best. Some of you will want instant withdrawals while others will want the oldest ones available. Cryptocurrencies are more and more available these days and we will always check these if available. Of course, there are a lot more options such as e-wallets, cards, and pay-by-phone methods. We will reveal those as well.

Find & Provide All Player Needs

In a nutshell, you can get a lot of valuable information at Cad casino. For instance, we can provide you with safe casinos to gamble at and reveal the bonuses and wagering requirements among other things. We can also provide specifics about no deposit bonuses, match deposit offers, and free spins. Each one of these can come with a bonus code you will have to use and we will share that code with you. Keep in mind that these codes can be given by us only so you cannot get them anywhere else.

Why Trust Us & Choose Cad casino?

There are a lot of similar websites out there. Why and how you can tell that Cad.casino is the best place for you? There are a few reasons. The first thing we must say is that we work around the clock and we hire real people to find all the best and safest deals available to you. We also pay close attention to the details, specifics, and all the rest you will want to know about.
Our team consists of professional gamblers, editors, and even casino game developers. All of this makes us special and more helpful to you than you will ever imagine. In other words, we know what you look for and we can give you that.
We also believe that every single gambler is special and deserves the best deal, the most help, and the most accurate help. We are a big company and we use that to our advantage. We are able to cover countless bonuses, reveal new promotions on a daily basis and all of that so you can get the most out of the deposit and your gambling session. Here you can see a few reasons why you should trust us and why you should use our help every time when you want to gamble.

We Work only with Licensed Casinos

All the casinos you can see at Cad.casino is licensed casinos. This should help you understand the whole situation better. We will never recommend a casino without a license. It can be a scam website and we can give you bad information! As such, a casino must have a proper license. It can be from UKGC but we also take into account other gambling authorities such as MGA, Curacao, and others. As we have mentioned earlier, we want you to have a safe and fair gambling experience and for that a license is mandatory. It also makes the whole process easier knowing that the casino complies with countless rules so it can keep the license in the first place.

Only Manual Casino Reviews

All our reviews are manual. What does this mean you wonder? Well, it means that our team will create an account at the casino we are testing, deposit funds, multiple times (using different payment methods) play games, and withdraw the winnings. We will also try the casino using a smartphone or a tablet and contact customer support. In general, we will use all the features you would use normally. Once done, we will provide you with the review. This is a long process and can last up to one week for one casino only.

How We Earn Money

You are probably wondering how we make money and how this allows us to advance. Well, all of that is possible thanks to affiliate programs. We are partners with the casinos we choose. As you know by now, these casinos are licensed, safe, and offer fair games. Once we know all about that, we can start the cooperation. We will still test their bonuses and promotions and recommend them accordingly. Keep in mind that the existence of affiliate programs is massive and very popular. If you have heard of Amazon affiliates, Booking affiliates, and more, you know what we are talking about. In general, our purpose is to promote a casino if it meets our requirements. If it doesn’t, then we will refuse the cooperation and we will never share any promotion or a bonus about that site.
All of this means that we don’t cooperate with one site only. We don’t promote one brand, not one software developer. We don’t host games on our site and we don’t provide bonuses. We only help you claim the best bonuses in the online gambling realm. For you, this can be an advantage. We will list and share all the best casinos, and best bonuses that come in various numbers and that are present all over the world. You have options and you can choose any casino that looks appealing to you. All of that is possible thanks to our help and our testing and reviewing, which is more than just time-consuming and complicated.

Meet Our Team

Our team is responsible for the bonuses you can get and the ones you can use to win more. Most of the members here have been working in the gambling industry. Some were developers, others were managers and a third worked in customer support. We also have team, members who have been writing casino reviews on a daily basis for decades. Forget all about paid or biased reviews you may have seen online. We don’t do that and we will never recommend you a casino if it is unsafe or has some issues present. We will only recommend the casinos which our team finds appealing and safe which is actually hard. Our team has very high standards hence most casinos won’t get on the list and won’t get their review at Cad.casino.

Our Editor

Katelyn Tyrell is a senior editor here at Cad casino and he is the man responsible for most of the core pieces of information you will get. He offers his experience and expertise in different forms of online gambling. Katelyn worked with many, well-known casino operators, especially in developing new bonus programs and cooperating with software developers. He also believes that responsible gaming has a huge role these days and he is passionate about it. There is no need to add that he always wants to include responsible gaming in the affiliate process. Thanks to all of this, skills, and efficiency, Katelyn is not a respected member of the online gambling community and a man you should thank the next time when you gamble at an impressive online casino using the best bonus available.

Our Core Values

We believe that our core values are important and have a huge role in all of this. Here are a few of them we believe you will want to know about as soon as possible and you will appreciate us, thanks to these.

  • Honesty — We will provide you only the honest and accurate information that is properly tested and approved by the team. This can be a huge and important core value all by itself. If we are honest, you will get what we claim and have to provide.

  • Always open to our users — We are transparent about the details, offers, specifics and so much more related to online casinos. In addition, we believe that being open is a must in this line of business and it is something that can make a lot of difference when it comes to where to place the next bet.

  • Independent — There is no way an operator can buy a review from us where it will look like a perfect casino. They must deserve this and there is no other way. We are independent and we choose to cooperate with the best operators only.

  • Highly Expertise in Gambling — Our team is proficient in what they do and this allows us to give you the best details, the most accurate information and so much more error-free.

  • Only Quality Content — All reviews must be accurate and high in quality., Yes, we are updating them as we speak and we believe that the quality is something you work on and you develop on a constant basis.

Katelyn Tyrell