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What is Entropay Payment System

The first virtual Visa card issued in Europe was EntroPay, made available in 2003. Since then, more than 6 million virtual credit cards have been made, and over £1 billion in funds have been loaded. When you open an EntroPay Canada account, you must enter your personal information and establish a funding source. You can begin making online purchases once your username, password, and funds have been loaded. EntroPay’s ability to set up several virtual Visa cards in different currencies (£, $, and €) for various uses is one of its best features. You can add new cards and take out existing cards with a single click when managing your various virtual Card (s). You can top up to a combined total of £10,000 per month, with a base top-up amount of £10 and a max top-up amount of £1,000 each transaction. Top-ups may be made via a bank transfer, debit card, or credit card. Due to the prepaid nature of EntroPay cards, there are no interest rates, no monthly or yearly fees, and spending is only permitted up to the amount of prepaid credit put onto the Card. Virtual cards are not connected to a bank account as well.

Your EntroPay Card may be used to place orders wherever Visa is accepted. When using EntroPay, you must provide your private virtual card number, expiration date, and security CVV code.

🎲 Number of games 130+
🎰 Number of Casinos 15+
💰 Max Bonus 100% Up to C$1500
👍 Deposit Alternatives EcoPayz, Skrill, Neteller
💸 Minimum Deposit C$10
🚀 Website Entropay.com

How To Deposit Money Into Casino Using Entropay

The procedure for depositing at an Entropay casino varies a little bit from website to website, but generally speaking, it is simple and goes as follows:

  1. Go to the payment section
  2. Choose Deposit
  3. Choose Entropay when prompted with payment choices.
  4. Follow the directions (usually, Add Card, or Add Another Card). Enter your 3-digit CCV and 16-digit virtual Visa card number to register your Card (you won’t need to do this again once you’ve done it the first time).
  5. Input the amount you want to deposit in the box
  6. Lastly, to finish your deposit, click Next.

Following the instructions for individuals who have previously set up their Entropay account. If not, you’ll have to create your Entropay account between steps 3 and 4 to proceed.

How To Withdraw Winnings from Entropay Casinos

Casino Entropay is often appropriate for customers without Visa cards. Using an Entropay card to make a deposit or withdrawal is easy and uncomplicated. However, big rollers trying to deposit and withdraw substantial sums of money from online casinos will find it completely inappropriate due to the outrageous costs. This is especially true for those who frequent the best high roller casinos in Canada, which often have minimum deposit and withdrawal limits that are well beyond what Entropay can accommodate.

  1. Visit the Withdrawal page: Pick Entropay as your desired payment option from the list of accepted payment methods.
  2. Key in the card information. And provide the additional information to confirm your identity.
  3. Enter the sum you wish to take from the casino website.
  4. Verify your withdrawal.

Most online casinos require two business days or longer to process the payments.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Entropay Cards

All casino types have pros and cons, and the same applies to a casino that accepts Entropay. Below, we examined the advantages and disadvantages of Entropay.
For Canadian players, there are several benefits to utilizing Entropay as a fictitious Visa card to finance an online casino account.

  • Anonymity: The primary benefit of utilizing Canadian online casino Deposit with Entropay is its anonymity. Your online casino transactions are anonymous since they don’t display on your bank or credit card statements, making it impossible to link them to your financial activity.<

  • Security: When you use an Entropay virtual Visa card for all your online financial transactions, including those with an online casino, you add another layer of security to the process. This is so that the casino just has to know the Entropay card number you use, not any additional information regarding your accounts or finances. Your financial information is, therefore, entirely safe because it is not stored on the casino’s servers. Additionally, 128-bit SSL encryption safeguards your transactions at Entropay, including money deposits and withdrawals.

  • Speed: Another benefit of utilizing an Entropay card is speed. Anybody who has sent money through direct bank transfer knows how long it might take, whether you’re sending it domestically or internationally. Entropay payments, on the other hand, are instantaneous; there is no need to wait for money to clear.

  • Spending Control: The fact that Entropay is a prepaid debit card rather than a credit card like a VISA means you have more control over your spending. Any money you put into a casino account is “your” money; it is not borrowed. This is the ideal solution for those who like to closely monitor their bankroll or like to set clear limits on how much they deposit because you can only spend money that is yours, not the bank’s (although you do have the option of getting an Entropay MasterCard ‘plastic’ credit card if you think that would better suit your needs).

  • Variety of options: You can use your Entropay Card to make purchases online at any retailer or service provider that accepts Visa cards, so you’re getting a very convenient card that you can use in a variety of ways, even if your primary motivation for getting one is to make managing your casino account easier. Your Entropay account may be accessed on any platform, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

  • Accessibility: You can always retrieve the funds you remove from your casino account and deposit them back into your Entropay account, which is another benefit. Therefore, your funds are always available, regardless of whether you wish to withdraw them to credit them back to your bank or credit card account or spend them for another online transaction.

The tiny costs charged are the major drawback of utilizing an Entropay prepaid virtual Visa card. There are costs connected with loading money into your Entropay account from your bank account or credit card, even though you won’t pay them at the best Entropay casinos we’ve mentioned above when you transfer money from your Entropay account to your online casino account. There is a fee of 4.95% when using a credit card or debit card to add money to your Entropay account or 3.95% when using a direct bank transfer. When you withdraw earnings from your online casino account or a third party transfers money into your account, a charge of 1.95% is applied. There is also a $6 fee when you return money from your Entropay account to your credit or debit card. However, the simplicity mentioned above and increased security of Entropy outweigh these fees for many gamers.

Play Entropay Casinos for Real Money

The benefits of conventional debit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid cards are all combined in Entropay, which advertises itself as a “Virtual Visa.” Using an actual debit or credit card would not be necessary to make secure quick payments at casino online Entropay. Additionally, Entropay-enabled casinos make it simple to handle your gaming transactions, exactly like with e-wallets, without the need for time-consuming registration processes each time you want to deposit money into or withdraw money from your online casino account. Additionally, you may transfer money anonymously at Entropay classic casinos by acting as though you are using a prepaid card. Additionally, you may simply avoid overspending at an Entropay online casino as your virtual card functions more like a debit card than a credit card, and you can only use the funds you have filled it with. Entropay is the ideal online payment mechanism for real money online casino because of all these factors. Before your creditworthiness is evaluated, there is no need for you to wait several days. Anyone may sign up on the Entropy website and instantly receive a virtual card. In addition, a plastic debit MasterCard is available for purchase, allowing you to use any ATM worldwide to withdraw your casino earnings.

Entropay Casinos Bonuses

Bonuses are a standard feature of best Entropay casinos since they serve as an incentive for both new and seasoned players. Bonuses draw in new customers and make playing the countless casino games on offer simpler. We decided to research the greatest bonus categories and the optimum times for gamers to apply these incentives. Some common bonuses in Entropay casinos include:

Welcome Bonus or a Deposit Bonus
Free spins
No deposit bonus

Welcome Bonus or a Deposit Bonus

All Canadian online casinos offer a sign-up or welcome bonus to get you to enter their “virtual” doors and register as a player. The primary focus of the casino’s site is often the bonus offer. Additionally, casinos use a key strategy to compete by providing the most alluring welcome package available. Most welcome bonuses are match bonuses, where the casino “matches” your deposit by a specific percentage. Because the casino distributes the full welcome bonus sum over a series of deposits made by the player—stages—these bonuses are occasionally referred to as “stage bonuses.”

Free spins

Free spins, which a casino will give away when a player plays a certain slot machine, are another well-liked bonus type. Free spins, no deposit needed, where you’re given a meagre 20 spins without having to make a deposit first, and free spins paid to your account after completing a deposit, in which the number of spins granted is significantly larger, say 150+. Free spins at Euro Palace, available for various popular games, are a fantastic option for novice players.

No deposit bonus

Casinos occasionally give incentives without needing a deposit, referred to as no deposit casino bonuses or free casino bonuses. Such bonuses often give small sums, usually between $5 and $20. To receive such a bonus, you must visit the casino providing it and open a real money account. Upon completion of the registration procedure on Entropay internet, which occasionally calls for entering a no-deposit bonus code, the bonus sum will show up in your account. Many Canadian players mistakenly believe that no-deposit bonuses are free casino money, but this isn’t the case.

History of Entropay Company

Ixaris Systems Ltd., a London-based provider of financial services accredited and overseen by the FCA in the UK, is the owner of EntroPay (financial services regulator). The business realized there was a demand for safe online transactions in 2000, and three years later, it launched the EntroPay virtual prepaid credit card. EntroPay was the first virtual prepaid credit card issued in Europe. It was ground-breaking since it could be used wherever Visa or Mastercard was accepted for online or telephone purchases. These days, EntroPay is widely recognized by millions of retailers worldwide.


1️⃣ Are there any commission fees?
Using this online payment option to conduct casino transactions is free of charge. To upload money to your virtual Card, you must pay a fee. If you want to fund your Entropay account using funds from your bank account, just 3,95% of the total amount will be charged in fees. If you prefer using a credit or debit card, you must pay 4,95% of the amount transferred. Additionally, there is a 1.95% fee for using your virtual Card to withdraw money.
2️⃣ Are Entropay deposits and withdrawals instant?
Yes, you may instantly withdraw and deposit money with Entropay. If you pick Entropay Casino, you may use the same online payment option for deposits and withdrawals. Web casinos provide various convenient and secure online payment options, but not all of them enable customers to make deposits and withdrawals.
3️⃣ What is the minimum amount I can deposit via Entropay?
Deposits shouldn’t cost you much. However, depending on your gaming operator, the minimum amount you may make using this online payment option varies. Typically, it costs between $5 and $10.
4️⃣ What is the maximum amount I can deposit via Entropay?
There is no precise amount that cuts across all casinos. The largest amount that may be made using this online method varies depending on the type of gaming establishment. On this matter, you should speak with your gambling provider.
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